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Frequently Asked Questions about Student Insurance

  • Eligible students enroll during open enrollment for coverage. Enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • Eligible University of Utah students cannot be declined.
  • Cannot be charged more that any other participant regardless of medical condition.

Maternity Services are paid as any other sickness under the Student Health Insurance Plan.

  • Premium- The amount of money you pay for the policy you select. Premiums are usually paid on a semester or yearly basis.
  • Claim- Your (or your doctor’s) written request for payment by the insurance company for a cost incurred and covered by your policy.
  • Deductible: The initial portion of a covered expense which must be paid by the insured person before the insurance policy pays its part of the expense.
  • Co-Payment- The portion of a covered expense, after the deductible is paid, which must be paid by the insured individual. The co-payment is usually expressed in a percentage, for example, if insurance company pays 80% of covered charges the co-payment is 20%.
  • Exclusion- Any condition which is not covered by your insurance policy and for which no payments will be made
  • Covered Expense- Any expense that is included in the coverage of your policy, either full or partial.
  • Insurance Policy The written contract which spells out the plan, what it covers and does not cover, eligibility requirements and all benefits of the plan as they apply to individuals covered under the policy.

For any other questions please email Kerry Hill or call 801-581-5804.

Last Updated: 12/21/16