Fees: All charges are the responsibility of the student

The Student Health Center is funded in part by your student fees. This allows us to provide you with specialized care and to charge less for the majority of our services. Fees are charged for most of our medical care services. Many health promotion services are free. Our fees are typically 30% - 50% less than other clinics in the community. Payment is requested at the time of your visit. We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Insurance: Students are strongly advised to have some type of health insurance

University of Utah sponsors a student health insurance, specifically designed for students and their dependents. The plan is available to all undergraduate students taking 6 or more credits and all graduate students enrolled for credit. Available at a reasonable cost, the plan covers sickness and injury for students and their dependents. If you have the student insurance plan, we will bill the carrier directly. Your $10 co-payment is due when you check out from your visit.To obtain detailed information about the policy and/or enroll go to www.uhcsr.com/utah.  You may also call the Student Insurance Office at 801-585-6949. 

SHC is not a Workman's Compensation, Medicaid, Medicare, BlueCross or ValueCare contracted provider. The clinic is not a participating provider for any insurance plan other than the current U of U student health insurance plan. SHC is not part of the University Hospital and Clinics healthcare system.

Ask your insurance carrier if services at the Student Health Center will be covered prior to making an appointment. As a courtesy, we will bill some insurance companies if a current insurance enrollment card is presented at the time of service. Insurance payment for charges incurred at SHC will be paid directly to the primary insured person, not to SHC. All charges are the responsibility of the student and should be paid at each visit. Remember to bring your current insurance identification card and all subscriber information necessary to bill your insurance company. Auto accident injuries cannot be treated at the Student Health Center . You should go to an emergency room for treatment. SHC will not file insurance claims related to auto accident injuries.

Appointments, Hours, & Location

555 Foothill Dr. Level 1
Salt Lake City, UT 84112