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Frequently Asked Questions

There have been several outbreaks of measles, mumps on college campuses in the U.S. over the past decade. Many of the non-traditional college students are not adequately immunized and those students who had a personal exemption for k-12 are also at risk to contract the diseases.
If an outbreak occurred on campus without a requirement the University would have to close down until the risk was over, costing the University and students.

Noncompliance = Registration Hold

Students who arrive on campus inadequately immunized will be given until the second Friday of their first semester to comply with this requirement. If you have not complied by this time, a hold will be placed on your registration until the requirement has been met.

A Nurse Practitioner [NP] is a registered nurse [RN] with advanced education and training. They work independently, but in collaboration, with physicians and other medical professionals to provide you with comprehensive and holistic health care.

  • Obtain health histories
  • Perform physical assessments and examinations
  • Order & interpret diagnostic/laboratory studies
  • Diagnose & treat common illnesses and minor injuries
  • Make referrals to specialists
  • Counsel on health promotion
  • Prescribe/manage medication therapy
  • Provide continued/follow-up and coordinate care for both acute & chronic illnesses
Yes! Nurse Practitioners have prescribing privileges in 43 states, including Utah.
  • Well/sick baby care*
  • Well/sick child care*
  • Well/sick adult care*
  • Well/sick elder care
  • Family Planning*
  • Health education*
  • Psychological counseling
  • Screening for diseases*
  • Case management*
  • Prenatal care
  • Minor surgery*
  • Diet counseling

* Services offered by NPs at the University of Utah Student Health Center

The care that NPs provide is very good according to numerous government and private studies. The U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment says, "Nurse Practitioners provide care whose quality is equivalent to that of care provided by physicians". In fact, many people prefer NPs to MDs. 
Last Updated: 5/24/18