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Charges and Fees

Office visit fees range from $35 to $80 plus any additional charges for labs, x-rays, immunizations, etc.

The Student Health Center is funded in part by your student fees. This allows us to provide you with specialized care and to charge less for the majority of our services. Fees are charged for most of our medical care services. Many health promotion services are free. Our fees are typically 30% - 50% less than other clinics in the community.

Individuals on the Student Health Insurance Plan pay only a $10 copay or have no copay if the service is covered under the preventative care benefit. (Costs subject to change throughout the year without notice)

All charges are the responsibility of the student. Payment is requested at the time of your visit. We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

2019-2020 Most Common Additional Fees to Office Visit Charges

Laboratory Charges Fee
PPD (TB skin test) $10
General Health Panel (CBC, Metabolic Panel, and TSH) $36
Urinalysis dip $12
Throat culture $18-$35
Gonorrhea/Chlamydia Screen $32
TSH $13
Complete Blood count (CBC) $17
Measles IgG $13
Mumps IgG $13
Rubella IgG $15
Lipid Panel $18
Pap (Liquid based) $41-$53
Quantiferon Gold (TB blood test) $38
Urine Culture $36-$100
Free T4 (thyroxine free) $13
Wet prep $15-$22
Pregnancy Urine $24
Pregnancy Serum (blood test) $24
Monospot $19
TTG (celiac disease screen) $22
Immunizations Fee
Influenza (student) $22
MMR $84
TDap (adult tetantus) $45
Hepatitis B $56
Gardasil (HPV) $208
Hepatitis A $52
Typhoid Live Oral* $56
Hepatitis A and B combo $86
IPV $41
Yellow Fever* $140
Menactra (meningitis) $119
*Travel vaccinations require an appointment and are not covered by insurance.
Immunizations (Pediatric) Fee
Hepatitis B $26
IPV (polio) $41
Haemophilus influenza (HIB) $31
Prevnar $175
MMR $84
Varivax (chicken pox) $139
Dtap $30
Rotavirus $115
X-Rays Fee
Chest (1 view) $135
Chest (2 views) $146-$182
Foot (3 views) $176
Ankle (3 views) $155
Knee (3 views) $164
Shoulder (2 views) $152
Wrist (3 views) $153
Hand (3 views) $152
Procedures Fee
EKG $48
Skin Biopsy $51-$106
Cerumen removal (ear wax) $25-$40
Wart removal $65
Abscess incised and drained $75
IUD placement $100
Other Fee
Depo-Provera $90
IUD – Mirena $963
IUD – Skyla $725
Nexplanon $900


Last Updated: 5/18/20